"Healthcare is a right,
not a privilege."

- Edward Kennedy -

Our vision is that every human being has the medical and nutritional supplies they
need to survive.

In 2017, 5.6 million children under the age of five died in Sub Saharan Africa (theirworld.org, 2018).

A significant amount of these deaths could have been prevented by vaccination. In fact, it is estimated that 3 million people die from vaccine-preventable diseases every year (chop.edu, 2018).

The current availability and access to essential medicines worldwide in developing countries is a serious problem that is
completely preventable.


The biggest challenges:

1. Untimely vaccinations
and service delivery.

2. Deficient infrastructure.

Charles Shey Wiysonge,
(Professor of Clinical Epidemiology)

Charles Shey Wiysonge
World Health Organisation

In correlation, The World Health Organisation tells us that the lack of service delivery in remote areas is a major reason for the low ratio of child immunisations in Africa.

Every child born should get a chance at life.

At Skyfarer, our focus is to make a positive difference to these statistics, by building on current infrastructure and enforcing a timely delivery system not limited by current methods.

Our solution is not in the clouds but in the sky. We will use the sky for travelling fast and direct with efficient autonomy in the use of
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Skyfarer aims to create a just-in-time service that focuses infrastructure development to one location in order to serve a large radius cost effectively.

“Countries and stakeholders must raise the visibility of vaccine-preventable diseases, address barriers to vaccination, and make substantial and sustained additional investments to strengthen health systems and achieve equitable
access to immunisation services.”

Dr Matshidiso Moeti
- WHO Regional Director for Africa -

The Benefits of Skyfarer:

Benefits of Skyfarer

The Capabilities of Skyfarer:

Here is the small insight as to what our Skyfarer SF-1 drone is capable of, such as carrying up to 5kg of medicine, organs and blood. That is roughly 54 Plumpy'Nut Bars!

Our SF-1 drone has a Flight Radius of 80km in an area of 20,106km².  (That's almost double the area of Gambia alone.)

* Update Bulletin 2019 *

We are proud to say that we now are funded for our proof of concept! So stay tuned for results on our Proof of Concept flight November 2019. Following the demonstrations of our small scale prototypes, we will be gearing up our full scale prototype for trial. This trial will take place within a location that requires our service to deliver humanitarian aid to their population.

Our top level operations schema is our blueprint to validating the operation within a countries current medical and logistical infrastructure. The trial will demonstrate a fluid integration into the current system as well as show real value in automation via the skies in saving lives. We invite any investor or operator to get in touch our proposition.

Following the trial which is set for October 2020, we will be obtaining further seed-funding to implement our full operations schema. This will allow us to implement our operation for full capabilities in routine or emergency operations.

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